Creating your online fundraising page

It is easy to set up a JustGiving page for all of your friends and family to sponsor you.

To do this, visit the British Porphyria Association JustGiving page, click the ‘Fundraise for us’ button, and follow the instructions to set up an account.

A screenshot of the BPA JustGiving homepage. The JustGiving logo is in the top left corner, with buttons next to it along the top of the image that read: "Menu", "Start Fundraising", "Search", "Log in", and "Sign up". Underneath is the BPA logo next to text that reads: "The British Porphyria Association. We advocate for porphyria patients to improve their quality of life." On the right hand side of the page are two buttons that read: "Fundraise for us" and "Donate".

You can also create a fundraising page via Facebook. To do this, visit the Facebook Fundraisers page. Click the ‘Raise Money’ button and select The British Porphyria Association using the search tool. Then follow the instructions to finish setting up your page.

Whichever tool you use, it is a good idea to share why you’re fundraising for the BPA in the description section of your online fundraising page. If people understand why this cause is meaningful to you, this can help to boost your fundraising efforts.

Make sure to share the link to your page with your friends and family, and update it regularly to help keep people interested.

Great Run events

If you are taking part in a Great Run event on behalf of the BPA, as part of the event registration you will be automatically directed to set up a fundraising page with Great Run’s official online fundraising partner, Enthuse. This should make it easy to set up your fundraising page and start raising money for the BPA right away.

However, fundraisers for Great Run events can also choose to fundraise with alternative fundraising platforms if they wish, and it is not mandatory to use the official online fundraising partner.

Great Run logo: White text on a reddish-pink background reads "Great Run". A white illustration of a path is in between the two words.