Match funding

Hundreds of organisations offer their employees the chance to boost their fundraising efforts through match funding.

What is match funding?

Match giving, or match funding, is a simple way to maximise your fundraising efforts. Usually, a company pledges to match a sum of money relating to the amount the employee has raised or donated to a charity. It is likely that there will be an upper limit. Some companies will pledge time and resources (such as volunteer days) instead of money, enabling employees to support a cause during their working week. Or a tangible service may be offered, such as the opportunity to print posters, programmes and newsletters. High street banks, building societies, supermarkets and large corporations are likely to do match funding, but an independent company may be interested in charitable giving through match funding too.

How do I organise this?

If you work for an organisation that has a match funding policy you may need to complete a form or supply them with a letter from the BPA detailing the date and nature of the event together with the total raised.

  • Ask your HR department or manager whether match funding is available and what information is required to take part.
  • If you need a letter, contact telling us a little about your event and how much you have raised and we can provide the information that they will need.
  • Submit this to your organisation and Voila! the funds are likely to be paid directly to the BPA.