Hosting a quiz

A pink and turquoise neon sign on a red brick wall reads 'Quiz Night'Hosting a quiz can be a great way to fundraise for the BPA while having fun with your community. Invite your friends and family to brush up on their general knowledge and join you for a trivia showdown! It could be focused on your specialist subject or cover a wide range of topics such as music, film, politics, current affairs, and pop culture.

Simply ask your quizzers to chip in a few pounds to enter and send us the proceeds when you’re done! You could even ask local businesses to contribute to the good cause by providing the prizes – download and adapt our template letter for asking local businesses for raffle prizes if you need any help with this.

And if you don’t have time to make your own quiz, here’s one we prepared earlier! Use the links below to download our ready-made question and answer sheets:

Due to copyright, please contact us to request the quiz sheet for the picture round.

Once you’ve got a quiz date in the diary (Global Porphyria Day on 18 May 2024 is a great option!), don’t forget to register your event with us to ensure we can support you in your fundraising efforts!