Publicising your event

It is important to publicise your event to make a success of all your hard work. For any event, challenge or any fundraising activity, you could try some or all of the following:

  • Social media and the internet: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are quick, easy and effective ways of reaching lots of people very quickly and keeping people updated about how the event is coming together. Download our social media toolkit for template posts, images and videos you can use to promote your event online.
  • Media coverage: contact your local media and send them details before and after your event (including good quality photos if you have them).
  • Poster and flyers: are great for promotion and the more eye-catching the better. Display your posters on notice boards in coffee shops, libraries, schools, sports centres, office blocks, village halls – anywhere you can find, but please ask permission first. Make sure they include the essentials details of the event – What? Where? When? Who? Include your contact details and/or details of where they can sponsor you. We can provide you with some posters to help advertise events. If you would like to use the BPA logo on printed materials, please see our guidance on how to do this.