Celebrations and special occasions

If you’re celebrating a wedding, civil partnership, birthday, or another important milestone, you can also help raise money for the BPA with gift donations or a charity wedding favour. Here are some top tips for fundraising at your special occasion:

  • Set up an online fundraising page, either on JustGiving or Facebook.
  • Set a fundraising target, e.g. raising £300 for your 30th birthday.
  • Tell your guests why you’re choosing to support the BPA for your event by including a message in your invitations, as well as a link to your online fundraising page or online gift list. Online Gift Lists often include a charity donate option.
  • If you are having a party for your celebration, you could have a collection box or bucket at your gathering and invite guests to give a donation if they have any spare cash.
  • If you are collecting donations via cash or cheque at your event, don’t forget to send us the donations afterwards!
  • If you are sending out thank you cards to people who attended, you could also include a link to your fundraising page.
A red velvet cake with three tiers and cream frosting sits on a cake stand, next to a vase containing sticks with red berries on them.
Navy blue background. An illustrated yellow lightbulb is in the centre of a navy blue background. In the bottom left and top right corners are illustrated brains, and in the top left and bottom right corners are illustrated multicoloured confetti.

To add an element of fun to your celebration fundraising, you could set up a game or quiz that your guests can pay to enter, with a prize for the winner. Read our guidance on hosting a quiz and sourcing prizes for games to find out more.

For example, a quiz on your life together at an anniversary, or on who knows you the best at your birthday, can be very entertaining – and competitive! For celebrations organised to mark the founding date of your organisation or business, why not theme a game or a quiz around facts and stories about your club, company or staff/members?

If you have a cake made in honour of the occasion, why not add a fundraising twist and ask guests to guess the weight of the cake in exchange for a donation?